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Aims and Objectives

To produce young talented graduates specially in the field of law to shoulder social responsibility for the maximum good of the community.
To spread awareness in all fields of law and to make the students conscious of the rule of law for a better democratic way of life in the community.
To develop a sense of oneness and development with the rest of the community and inculcate the ideal teaching for high ethical standard during the scholastic carder of the students.
To educate the community in the field of better norms for a better creative and cohesive standard of living through a code of conduct based on sound legal foundation.
To establish and maintain Legal Aid Clinic wherever suitable to aid the requirements of the indigent citizens and weaker sections of the community in securing legal Aid to establish their rights as against individuals and the state.
To impart practical knowledge to the students in handling day to day difficult problems facing the individuals in particular and the society at large in securing individual and social justice in courts, tribunals, forums and other authorities.
To carryout research in the field of law to serve the community in bringing forth new ideas and imparting new talents to serve the common good of the community.
To organize Seminars, Workshops, Debates and Discussions and Training Camps in different branches of law to shoulder any responsibility, which may develop in the day to day fast moving Indian Society and to bring new ideas in the field of legislation.